Women’s Division


“I would like to think that someday, when our dreams have been fulfilled, they will say that it was women giving of their ideas and resources that made the difference.” − Golda Meir 


The Women’s Division of the Federation is a diverse community of women from across Ocean County at every stage of life and career. These philanthropists are our mothers, sisters, daughters and friends who are compassionate, committed women. They share a personal commitment to support their local Ocean County community and the Jewish community locally, in Israel and around the world.


The division is comprised of individuals who make gifts of every dollar amount, ranging from $18.00 to over $5,000. All of these gifts, no matter the size, help transform the community, Jewish lives today and for generations to come.


Through our collective philanthropy we have enriched our own lives while improving the lives of others in our community. These gifts help fund programs and services that go directly to the people who need them most.