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Last Game                          Kneidlach                        Milestone                       Mum's Hairpin         A Jew Walks In A Bar

Love In Suspenders – Sunday, October 18
The encounter between two people with such different personalities, such as Tammy and Beno, has to result in a nightmare…but love has its own rules.

Israel, 2019 | Comedy | 93 minutes

Extra Innings – Wednesday, October 21
Set against the enchanting backdrop of 1960's Brooklyn, Extra Innings tell the story of a young man who is caught between pursuing his dream and staying devoted to his Syrian Jewish family that is afflicted with mental illness. With interview of the writer/director following the film. Directed by Albert Dabah

United States, 2019 | Drama | 117 minutes

The Keeper – Sunday, October 25
The Keeper tells the incredible true story of Bert Trautmann (David Kross), a German soldier and prisoner of war who, against a backdrop of British post-war protest and prejudice, secures the position of Goalkeeper at Manchester City, and in doing so becomes a footballing icon. Directed by Marcus H. Rosenmuller.

United Kingdom, 2019 | Drama | 113 minutes


Crescendo – Wednesday, October 28
When a world famous conductor tries to create an Israeli-Palestinian orchestra, it takes all his skill and resources to overcome the discord and get them to play in harmony, rising to a tense and emotional finale. Directed by Dror Zahavi

Germany, 2020 | Drama | 106 minutes



Picture of His Life
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World renowned wildlife photographer Amos Nachoum has one final photographic dream remaining - to photograph a Polar Bear underwater, while swimming alongside it. Directors: Dani MenkinYonatan Nir

Israel, 2020 | Documentary | 72 minutes