The PJ Library Program is a collaborative partnership between the Federation and the Harold Grinspoon Foundation, made possible through partnerships with philanthropists and local Jewish organizations.

PJ Library is a young family engagement program implemented on a local level. Each enrolled child, ages 6 months – 8 ½, receives a high-quality age appropriate Jewish content book and/or music CD on a monthly basis. The goal of this program is to be welcoming, provide resources and support, promote Jewish heritage and connect Jewish families to the Federation and the community.

Grandparent Enrollment 

Great News! Grandparents can receive the gift of special mailings from PJ Library.

Grandparents must have a grandchild with a current PJ Library subscription. Visit the FAQ page for more details. 

Thank you to Bubbe, Mia and Elsie for sharing these wonderful pictures!
How do they keep those PJ Library aprons looking so clean? 

PJ Library Podcast: Have I Got A Story For You

PJ Get Togethers
COVID-19 update: for the time being there will be no sponsored Get Togethers.
While many people think of tzedakah as charity, the Hebrew word actually means justice. Helping people or causes in need is one way to make the world better. There are lots of ways to do tzedakah, including donating food, clothing, and other necessities or volunteering time to help others. To find ways to get kids involved in the season of giving, visit the PJ Library website.

When you plan a volunteering Get Together, PJ Library will help cover the costs up to $100. Just let us know what you did and how you did it.
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