With that in mind, we have reviewed our procedures and want to clarify the following guidelines for our organization:


  • Whenever possible, we are limiting the number of in-person meetings or events we hold only to those that are absolutely necessary.
  • Specifically, all our in-person senior socialization groups and bereavement groups will be postponed effective Tuesday, March 17 until after Passover. 
  • Given that loneliness, isolation, and mental health issues – especially for older adults, and precisely the reason for our socialization programs and bereavement groups – may be exacerbated by concerns about the Corona virus, we are beginning a telephonic case management/check-in program where our staff and volunteers will call clients and set phone appointments on a regular basis to maintain contact and encourage human connections.
  • Where possible, we will utilize the ZOOM platform for virtual meetings and will use this to pilot virtual bereavement groups.  
  • We have made an extra effort to clean and disinfect our offices and our bus for senior transportation.
  • For staff and any volunteers visiting our offices, we encourage all to wash their hands thoroughly with soap and water upon entry and exit, and frequently in between; we also have hand sanitizer available for use as well. 
  • If and when we resume in-person gatherings, we will be doing additional screening of those who attend our programs, and will ask anyone with a cold, fever, or cough to stay home and seek medical attention when appropriate. 

 Thank you for your attention to these guidelines.


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Keith Krivitzky, keith@ocjf.org. 


Should you know anyone in need or seniors who would benefit from this telephonic case management in our community, please contact JFCS@ocjf.org.


Keith Krivitzky

Jewish Federation of Ocean County